Arrowleaf Clover


Management and recommendations:

  • Test soil and follow lime and fertilizer recommendations
  • Soil pH should be 6.0 to 6.5
  • Plan acreage needed (0.5 to 0.8 acre/cow+calf)
  • Graze or hay warm-season grasses to about two inch height before planting
  • Disturb sod with light disking and plant 10 lbs/acre
  • Arrowleaf clover will provide grazing from March to June
  • Will also provide about 100 lb nitrogen/acre that will be available to
    warm-season grasses through nutrient cycling
  • Not a reseeding system if grazed until June

New Arrowleaf Clover Cultivars with Improved Performance from the Forage Legume Breeding Program at Overton:

  • Apache Arrowleaf Clover is tolerant to bean yellow mosaic virus disease. Apache was released by the Texas Agricultural Equipment Station (now Texas A&M AgriLife Research) in 2001.  Apache arroleaf clover is licensed to East Texas Seed (903.597.6637).  Please click on Apache Arrowleaf Clover for more information. (PVP #200200203)
  • Blackhawk Arrowleaf Clover has multiple disease tolerance (both bean yellow mosaic virus and Pythium ultimum). Blackhawk was released by Texas A&M AgriLife Research in 2012. Blackhawk arrowleaf clover is licensed to Oregro Seeds (541.258.1001).  Please click on Blackhawk Arrowleaf Clover for more information. (PVP pending)

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